And you thought music was not special?

Why music?

Have you come across someone who has been prescribed music therapy? Have you noticed really why operation theatres and dental clinics always have soft serene music playing in the background almost all the time the instrumental kind? Have you heard? And do you find It helpful?

Music is transcending in all kinds of barriers:

There is this unique quality about music that transcends all boundaries and is able to speak to people from all ages, all languages; every culture, basically anyone. Just about anyone!
We also mean songs:

Because music is an emotion, it is not necessary that people only like the songs that are sung in their own language. Indeed, historically there have been songs in a language that is spoken by a minority yet the song is hugely popular across the world.

Impact of touchy lyrics:

The lyrics or the words of the songs are impactful. Soul stirring music with touchy words are sure to influence someone who is going through bouts of depression or sadness in their life. the lyrics of the songs can help release the stress in the person and he may start thinking that he is not the only person who is victimized.

There have been people in this world who have felt like him before and it helps in equalizing his pain of heartbreak, failure or separation, it can in a way make his pain more bearable even if not take it away completely.

Music running in the background:

It is not without reason that some public places have classical music running in the background. It is proved that when a person is listening to instrumental slow music there is a tendency for him to relax and not hurry up the things.

Music in shopping areas:

Similarly, music used in shop floors has the advantage of relaxing the mind of the shopper and also give him the time to think, pick and choose. Also, if you have notices that shops that employ music would have more business no doubt but people who are waiting at the cashier to pay up for their shopping are also in no big hurry because they are already been there long enough and are engrossed in the notes of the song. So, they do not mind waiting a wee bit longer.

Music in restaurants:

Why is it that whenever we think of romance or fine dining or candle light dinner, the first thing that comes to our mind is the soulful music running in the background apart from all the wonderful sights of the date itself? right, it is because the impact that the right kind of music that can make your mood romantic and also peppy at the same time.


Music shapes our perspective about the world:

A lot of fine dining restaurants have their own live jazz bands and some of them hire them for their guests on a contract basis. These jazz bands don’t only play their signature tunes but can once in a while break down in a tango to prompt people to grab their partner and heat the dance floor. If you have not experienced it before, we urge to do it at the earliest. You could try with which is so peppy and so soulful that it will help you get into a romantic mood in a jiffy!

The music that we hear and relate to talks volumes about us and our personality type. For example, if you listen to soft instrumental and this is where you find solace, it is easy to understand that you are the calmer kinds. Tranquility does mean a lot to you and you are also am introvert. Of course there may be exceptions to this one but generally it holds good.

If rock, metal and hip hop is your forte you most probably are the wild kinds but in a good way. Not everyone who prefers metal is anti social or rebellious but the society can start pinioning about your personality based on your choice.