Company Policy


We are a jazz band that has been playing in the neighborhood bars, casinos and restaurants for the last twelve years. We are three in number but we also have associate bands so in case your place or event requires hiring more of us then we can recommend the name of the musician so that you can be sure their style does not clash with ours and the harmony is not compromised.

Booking is only via the app:

We have a mobile and a computer application in place and any booking that you need to make with us has to be made only through the application. We are highly responsive and every one hour we send out intimations and acknowledgements for the enquiries that are sent to us. We would instantly message you the quote and only upon acceptance from your side, the dates will be fixed.

There will be no change in the dates:

We would highly appreciate if you could clarify on all the details from your end before booking with us because in no circumstances will the booking be pre-poned or postponed. Exception is that in rare circumstances when the delay could not have been avoidable whatsoever, we may take a call on it. It must be understood that in case of change in time or day, the discretion to perform our part of the contract is entirely our discretion and provided that there is no other booking fixed at the said new day.

Booking amount will be forfeited in case of changes:

The booking can be accepted on the condition of paying the advance amount directly into our bank account. If there is no advance paid for three days the contract will be considered voidable at the company’s behest. In case of cancellation from your side, the advance money will be forfeited in toto.